The Top 20 Things That Drive Us Crazy

Hello Friskyverse! Last week I told you about what drives me crazy on the subway. I mostly just needed to get it off my chest, but I was touched when so many of you hopped on the complaint train and sounded off about the things that send you through the roof. After the jump, the 20 most common things that piss Friskians off. Don’t you just love turning lemons into lemonade?

  1. Slow drivers in the left lane. Bad drivers in general. Help keep our road rage at bay.
  2. Chronic lateness. Get a watch, people!
  3. Invasion of personal space. Do you not see us one centimeter away?
  4. Bad parkers. There are lines for a reason!
  5. Stupid pedestrians. They even give you signs to show you how much time you have.
  6. Bad grocery shoppers. Can you please be aware of your cart? Please.
  7. People who take the elevator when they should take the stairs. That pertains to you people who work on the second floor.
  8. Liars. We can handle the truth.
  9. Cat callers. If you want to talk to us, try “hello.”
  10. People who litter. Ever heard of a trash can?
  11. Non-handicapped people who park in handicapped spots. Reprehensible.
  12. People who look over our shoulders at the ATM. We don’t need you to see our balance.
  13. Large groups of sorority girls. Don’t they have their own house?
  14. Crying babies in public. Shut that kid up.
  15. Talking on a cell phone while in the restroom. Why?
  16. The BP oil spill. No further comments necessary.
  17. Sidewalk hogs. There are other people walking!
  18. Chewing with mouth open. Gross.
  19. Cranking up the car stereo waay too loud. We don’t need to feel the sidewalk pulsating.
  20. Muffin tops. It’s OK to go up a size. In fact, we suggest that you do.