Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Ali’s Nude Photo Scandal? The Travoltas’ Miscarriage Scare?

Even on a relatively slow news week, the tabloids always manage to come up with something and I guess I admire their perseverance. There will always be a celebrity somewhere, trying to lose weight, trying to overcome obstacles, and accidentally flashing some cellulite. The more I read the tabloids, the more I’m glad to not be famous. One of the magazines this week included a 10-page spread of stars’ body betrayals and wardrobe malfunctions, pointing out every little neck wrinkle. It reminds me of that Christmas song that goes, “Well, tonight thank God it’s them, instead of you.” So relax in your cozy computer chair, enjoy this condensed tabloid mess of news and be comforted by your anonymity. Hooray for that.

  • I’m always immediately suckered into reading the “How I Lost 10 Pounds in 10 Days” articles, and this week it’s Kate Gosselin in the spotlight. Which is surprising. Apparently, Kate’s been running a “hilly 4-mile course” three times a week and eating oatmeal or cereal with nonfat milk for breakfast, salad with tuna or low-fat cottage cheese for lunch, and broiled fish or grilled chicken for dinner with steamed veggies … so basically the same things everyone eats once they’ve realized there’s no miracle pill. But it’s nice that Kate is psyched on her new “DWTS” body and an insider says, “She smiles a lot more and seems happier, I guess she just feels better.
  • Our favorite pint-size celebrity, Suri Cruise, is apparently in training to be a superstar. OK! says that daddy Tom Cruise makes sure she balances her protein and sugar intakes and has sent her to singing, dancing, and acting classes. A source says, “Tom is a real stage father, making sure Suri puts expression into her lines when she puts on her little shows, and he encourages her when she does a good job… Suri is showing talent already.” Suri also makes momma Katie Holmes book tickets to Broadway shows so she can scope out other performers. Inspired by Jaden Pinkett Smith’s success, they might work on getting Suri roles, the insider says: “They aren’t afraid of Suri becoming a child actor, even with all the pitfalls, because they feel like she’ll be fine with their firm guidance.”
  • Stephanie Pratt revealed to the tabloid what is “Real &Fake” about “The Hills.” She reveals that her fight with Kristin Cavallari was staged, “We’d be filming a scene and she’d be like, ‘I’m sorry.’ And I’d say, ‘Whatever, let’s just do this scene and go get coffee.’ I was never mad at Kristin. I knew all along what was happening.” She does reveal that the fight with her brother Spencer Pratt was real though, and she hasn’t spoken to him since late September, but she does say that Heidi and Spencer are equally manipulative and Heidi is not the victim she is portrayed to be. But she doesn’t think her relationship with her brother is un-salvageable: “He’s my big brother and I love him… I don’t think this is the end.” [OK!]

  • Still desperately trying to save “The Bachelor” franchise, “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky is apparently hiding something. Us Weekly reveals that contestant Roberto Martinez is the front-runner for her final pick. The tabloid insists that though the internet is saying Ali is single, there is a proposal in Bora Bora on the August 2 finale and Ali accepts! Us also suggests that Ali and Roberto might have met in 2002, when they lived one town away and were in the same social circles; a source revealed that Roberto used to talk about a girl who looked like Ali even. Apparently, Ali also had a fling in between “The Bachelor” and her current show: she was hooking up with her lawyer ex Patrick Hammon. The source says that Ali is “kind of boy crazy.” She’d have to be by now!
  • Even though Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ divorce is finalized, friends think that Bullock won’t be able to leave her ex-husband behind. One pal says, “She has always been a hanger-in-there. She’s the girl who tries to make it work no matter what has happened.” Another pal says, “They’re repairing the relationship,” and still talk multiple times a day. It is said that Jess and his kids plan on moving to Austin to be closer to Sandra and Louis, and Sandra “always planned for him [Jesse] to be in Louis’ life.” Sounds like a slippery slope, but Sandra knows what she’s doing. Hopefully.
  • Even though just recently Jessica Simpson said something about embracing her curves, it seems that the singer is on a detox diet now. Jessica has given up booze since according to a source, “when she drinks, she loses her judgment about what she eats.” She’s reportedly trying to slim down for her upcoming 30th birthday with a vegan diet, Pu-erh tea from China (costs $1,500 for 8 ounces) and cupping. She’s also incorporated 45-minute gym sessions three to five times a week into her schedule, with the trainer who once got her Daisy Duke-ready. [Us Weekly]

  • The National Enquirer says that John Travolta and Kelly Preston had a “Miscarriage Heartbreak.” The miscarriage scare took place in Brazil, during a South American continent-hopping trip; Kelly was experiencing abdominal pain and became weak and reportedly, “She clutched her stomach and cried to John, ‘Please save my baby!'” The pain was later chalked up to “severe indigestion,” though one of the twins is located lower in the uterus, which brings a higher risk for miscarriage. The couple has reportedly realized that Kelly needs to take it easy for the duration of the pregnancy and a family friend says, “It would break Kelly’s heart to lose her babies—especially when her heart still aches for Jett.”
  • Al Gore’s masseuse, Molly Hagerty, is back, this time with her face revealed and holding a giant Ziploc bag containing her “stained” pants. Apparently, there is also a key witness who has secret video surveillance. A lot of damming statements were made by the victim, who says “He turned from Mr. New Age into a pervert.” Her friend said that Molly called him the night of the incident, “When I picked up, she was in tears. She told me she was assaulted…. Mr. Gore groped her and threw her down on the bed.” Hagerty said, “I was halfway out the door, trying to get out of the room and (Gore’s) grabbing, groping my breasts and he said, ‘You know you want it.'” Hagerty has kept her soiled pants and “the remains of a chocolate bar Gore ate” in a safe-deposit box since the 2006 incident.” She said she thought the pants might have been stained when Gore leaned on her “while he was wearing an open robe” and had a DNA test done, but the results were inconclusive.
  • Marie Osmond is reportedly not doing well since her son Michael’s suicide and will be entering a mental facility. Family and friends are worried for her health. One source says, “Every performance takes another bite out of her emotional health… People around her are afraid she’ll have a complete collapse and end up in permanent psychiatric care.” Donny Osmond gives her pep talks before their “Donny and Marie Show” in Vegas, but the performer still breaks down on stage, often after dedicating a song to Michael. She was also hospitalized in 2006, after her own suicide attempt and her family fears the worst. [The National Enquirer]

  • People seems more confident in Sandra Bullock’s divorce from Jess James but confirms the move to Austin and the fact that the two are both looking out for the children. Apparently, the divorce proceedings went so quickly because it was uncontested and neither side was seeking financial support or dividing property—they both kept their own earnings and properties. Though child visitation wasn’t set up and neither side has legal rights to their ex-partner’s children, they worked out a private agreement apparently and Sandra is adopting Louis as a single parent. An insider says that “Jesse is definitely not giving up hopes to get back with Sandra—and he will do anything he can to get her back.” Jesse’s West Coast Choppers employees are also suspicious that Jesse is setting up another location in Austin, knowing he’s just trying to stay close to Sandy. Ruh Roh.
  • Elizabeth Edwards and her daughter Cate talked to People about their ordeal. Elizabeth jokes about the book Game Change, which called her “an abusive, intrusive, paranoid, condescending crazy woman.” In an excerpt from her book Resilience, Edwards wrote, “when I closed the door on the John of today, I also had to say good-bye to that sweet man whom I had loved for so long. It was not as easy as it might have seemed to anyone looking in from the outside, who knew only the John of today. And I have to wonder if he is sad, too, when he thinks of that young man.” Cate talks about her mom’s strength and what she’s taught her, like “how to continue to live your life on your own terms when it somehow becomes savaged by people you never invited into it.” Apparently, John has told Elizabeth that he is no longer seeing Rielle Hunter and Elizabeth acknowledges that his “conduct through this whole thing was terrible, and it makes people want him to pay for it,” but she says that “he’s paid a lot” by now.
  • Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are entering a nasty baby battle. During Father’s Day, Mel was pissed that Oksana kept their 8-month-old baby Lucia away from him when all of his other children met at his Malibu home. Oksana alleges that Mel punched her in the face in January, breaking a tooth, knocking our a veneer and giving the singer a concussion, and a source says that she has the pictures and medical records to prove it. Both parties filed restraining orders against each other (Mel’s was to prevent Oksana from talking about the incident), but friends say that Mel thinks Oksana is trying to use Lucia to extort money from the actor. While Oksana claims that Mel’s cut her off, his attorney says there are “very generous support payments” and a family friend says, “she wanted more money. She’s been using Lucia against Mel to get what she wants.” And another source says that their fight in January arose when Mel “tried to stop [Oksana] from shaking the baby.” Never shake a baby. [People]

  • Star brought out “The Bachelor” big guns this week, this time claiming that Jake Pavelka bonded with co-star Juan Barbieri on “The Bachelorette,” and the two went to a gay bar and were “definitely acting like a couple.” And after Vienna Girardi’s accusations that Jake wasn’t intimate with her, his ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas says the same thing happened to her! Jake slept with her for about a month before saying he had to save himself for religious purposes until marriage, furthering the gay suspicions. Tanya says that Jake was always obsessed with being on TV and was still calling her and saying he loved her even after his engagement to Vienna. Vienna reveals that she’s working on her career and is currently working out a deal with Playboy for a cover later this year. Oh great!
  • Kendra Wilkinson “Bares All” in her new autobiography, Sliding into Home, and unfortunately, Star has revealed some excerpts, like the time Kendra joined seven women in bed with Hugh Hefner: “One by one, each girl hopped on Hef and had sex with him…for about a minute. I studied their every move. Then it was my turn…it was very weird.” Whoah. Kendra says that she wanted to tell her hubby Hank Baskett the truth about her past, “I thought he was going to open the car door and jump out a few times, but he didn’t.” This book is sounding more interesting than I thought!
  • Ali Fedotowsky might have a nude photo scandal on her hands. Alleged screen-grabs from a webcam striptease Ali did for an ex have popped up on an Canadian celebrity gossip blog, The girl’s head in the photos has been cropped and there’s apparently no way to know if it’s her, but the source is shopping the un-cropped photos around. Star mentions that similar topless photo leaks haven’t really affected other starlet’s careers and an insider says that with Ali’s “squeaky-clean reputation,” the photos would be of more interest: “Anytime a ‘good girl’ gets caught doing something naughty, it causes a sensation.” I’m still not sure how the whole polygamous dating thing isn’t automatically considered doing something naughty. [Star]