New Breast Enhancement Procedure Makes Them Grow Naturally?

A new surgery called TLC Breast Enhancement claims to make the girls bigger and firmer without any needles or cutting. The technique uses an intense light that somehow tricks the body into making more “oestrogen” — a hormone that is produced during puberty and pregnancy. The light, emitted from a gun-like device, creates more tissue, increases blood pressure, promotes microcirculation and thickens connective tissue. It also tightens collagen fibers for some lifting action. If you want gigantic knockers, this surgery is no good because it won’t increase your boobs more than two cup sizes. It’s best for women who have an A to C cup and won’t work on chicks who are already very large. Also, while there are no side effects save for a little tingling, you’ll have to go to several 30-minute sessions to see any result at all.We are mildly freaked out because the docs behind this new technology are trying to make it sound super natural; but just because it’s non-evasive does not mean it’s totally safe. I mean, c’mon ladies, you are basically inducing puberty all over again. That can’t be good and it certainly isn’t natural. Also, some experts say the whole thing is total BS. One plastic surgeon said, “This technology can improve skin texture and tone in the face, but there are no long-term studies confirming its role in lifting or increasing breast size by any significant amount. The public should remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” [Daily Mail]