Lady Fish Love The Mustache

Apparently, we aren’t the only species that has a bizarre fascination with the furry friend of the upper lip. It seems that female Mexican molly fish prefer a mate with a mustache. Only some male members of the swimmers sport the whiskers, and a recent study done by German biologist Ingo Schlupp shows that these guys are getting lucky. Schlupp paired up lady mollies with males sporting various mustache lengths, including males sans facial hair, to see how long the ladies stayed interested in their suitor. The study also placed tanks full of females in front of a television showcasing male fish with different amounts of fuzz. Both experiments showed that female mollies were looking for a man with a mustache. But why? Schlupp and his team think they have an idea, and it sounds kind of kinky. While, studying the mollies the biologists noticed that the male often touched his literal lady tickler to the females hoo-ha before mating. Schlupp and Co. think that this touch provide some kind of stimulation that is especially enhanced with a mustache. The researches have dubbed this behavior “nipping,” and while it sounds ticklish to me, these hussy fishes love it. [Gawker]