Kourtney Kardashian Opens Up About Mason’s Controversial Sleep Habits

Everyone stop what you are doing right now and pay attention to Kourtney Kardashian’s MAJOR parenting dilemma. In her mommy blog for People, she expresses her thoughts on the controversial topic of co-sleeping. The new mom gushes:

“I know that having Mason sleep in my bed might be a controversial topic. But I have to be honest: I just love that time. I especially love how when you sleep with your baby, you breathe together on the same pattern. I’ve been able to bond with Mason so much more. Even if I’ve had a busy day, I always look forward to every night and us spending time together when we sleep.”

Kourtney goes on to say, “I really have mixed feelings about the whole topic. Some people say co-sleeping for the first two years is good, but now people are telling me the longer he sleeps in the bed with us, the harder it will be to get him to sleep on his own down the line. Of course, ultimately I want what is best for Mason, so I’m really battling with it right now.”

Sorry. I realize that being a new parent is a tremendously difficult and challenging job filled with big decisions about breastfeeding, vaccines, poop, sleep patterns and stuff like that, but this seems like TMI to me. Controversial? Really? More like a private and personal decision that I don’t need to hear about in a blog. Is it bad that I don’t care at all about where Mason sleeps? Is it worse that I know she’s lying when she implies that Scott Disick sleeps in the bed with them? Please make the mommy blogging stop. [People]