Ex-Bodyguard Claims Britney Spears Hit Her Kids With A Belt

Is Britney Spears a “Toxic” parent? Ex-bodyguard Fernando Flores allegedly claims she hit her kids with a belt, the UK’s Sun newspaper reports. A “source” said that according to Flores, last March or early April, Britney “came marching into the pool house and her mansion and demanded [Flores’] belt. He handed it over, but then followed her to into the main hose and claims he witnessed the alleged incident.” Flores also claims Spears fed her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, food they are allergic to, including shellfish, which made them ill. We’re divided in the Frisky offices about whether we believe the belt story. Amelia thinks Brit-Brit is so “country, y’all,” that it might just be true. I say that she’s probably surrounded by body guards, nannies, and assistants at all times that someone would have intervened on any Joe Jackson-style discipline.

Also, Flores is the same bodyguard who allegedly claims he quit because Britney walks around her house naked. Aren’t calling a woman too sexual and a bad mom just the two most clichè insults ever? Seems fishy to me. [The Sun UK]