Are You A “Fun” Dresser?

What is “getting funned”? According to Agyness Deyn’s style website, Naag, it’s when someone comments on something you’re wearing by referring to it as “fun.” As in: That’s a fun shirt, I didn’t know Minnie Mouse was back in style. So is wearing something fun a good or a bad thing? While it’s certainly the opposite of “classic dressing,” Naag suggests “fun” fashion implies that you’ve got guts and originality. Although we could see the other side being that you think high style means wearing crazy things just to get attention. Some other common ways to get “funned” include sporting sequins, tie dye, and message tees. But we’d also add: larger-than-life hats, artistic headgear, necklaces made of human hair, macaroni, or preserved animal paws, and generally anything Lisa Turtle ever wore.

Do you get this comment a lot? Do you think wearing out-there, cheeky, funny, or ironic fashions means you’re a style whiz? Or does dressing in a poncho/sequin leggings combo only work on certain people … like Agyness Deyn? [Naag]