A Look Inside The Home Of French Vogue’s Ed-In-Chief

It’s always fascinating to take a peek into the homes of the fashionable, because they’re normally great eye candy. Here’s a look at French Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld’s Paris apartment, which is shockingly stark. Sheesh, we knew Parisian women were all about wearing classic black and being reserved, but Roitfeld’s home takes the idea to extremes with super minimalist decor, a color palette so bland you could be watching a black and white movie, and boxy modern furniture. It’s definitely a high-concept way to deck out your home that some might call the epitome of chic … but would a touch of color kill ya? You’re in Paris, for Chanel’s sake!

Would you like to live in an apartment decorated like this? Check out a few more images after the jump. [Oak Blog]