5 Things You Need To Know About Russian Spy “Anna Chapman”

Everyone in NYC is buzzing about the redheaded Russian vixen, code name “Anna Chapman,” who was part of the 11-person spy ring busted on Monday. I know, it sounds like a bad Hollywood action flick. But it’s real. So who was this woman who was sending top secret intel back to her motherland? What we know about her so far, after the jump.

  1. “Anna Chapman” — whose real name is Anya Kuschenko — is a 28-year-old divorcee. She was allegedly married to French supermarket heir Vianney Mulliez, but they divorced in 2008.
  2. Anya grew up in Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, until her early teens, when her father went to work for the Russian embassy in Kenya. She moved to Moscow after high school, and has a master’s degree in economics.
  3. Her cover story was that she was an entrepreneur from Moscow who used to work for Warren Buffet. She pretended she was in New York trying to find investors for her bogus company which would helped Russian start-up businesses get funding. Or something like that.
  4. Duh, of course she’s on Facebook. Who isn’t? Click here to check out her profile. Anna Chapman has 162 friends. Her personal motto is, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” When she says “it,” I’m assuming she means “international woman of mystery.”
  5. During her illegal two-year stay in New York, she spent most of her time, while not in her schmancy Financial District apartment, trying to get close to VIPs at society events and charity functions. She also enjoyed clubbing, blogging, and frequenting NYC hot spots like the Thompson Hotel, Greenhouse, and Juliet all while sending intel back to Russia.

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