You Need A Sexier Personal Flotation Device

You’re going out on a hot date this summer, and your date is so cool, he’s taking you out on a boat. Awesome! you think. Until, that is, you board, and someone hands you a giant life vest. The orange does not go with your shoes. The bulky front totally covers your boobs. And those straps flapping everywhere are so not sexy. No worries! The Bandeau Belt personal flotation device is here to save your life and and keep you stylish at the same time! Designers Kathleen Westerhout and Dana Ramler got together to give the belt pack — an inflatable life vest worn around the waist in something like a fanny pack — a fashionable makeover. Made for the ladies, The Bandeau Belt is a pink vest tucked into a burgundy bag. If you hit troubled waters, lady sailors pull a tab that inflates the vest with a CO2 canister, and presto! You will survive and look good doing it. [Core77]