What Is “Getting Busched?”

Hey ladies! If you were feeling left out of the frat-boyish “getting Iced” phenomenon, not to fret. Now you can “get Busched!” The new website Girls Busching Girls proposes an equally tasteless alternative to getting iced, for ladies only of course.The rules? At the behest of one of your sisters, you must get down on both knees and suck down a delicious Busch beer. You cannot refuse a Busch. If you do, you are instantly excommunicated from the sisterhood of Busch and can never play again. If you get Busched, you can Busch Block if you have a Busch on you. Then you reverse the Busch and the other lady has to slam down two. Oh boy … really? For some reason I’m feeling like this is not going to catch on the way Bros Icing Bros did. Why? Because Busch is just gross. And because it’s just kind of lame. Enough with the stupid drinking games already. [Newser]