Susan Sarandon Working On A Ping-Pong Reality Show

Susan Sarandon may have lost her marbles—or, uh, her ping pong balls. Last December, she and her dude of 23 years, Tim Robbins, split. Next thing you know, Susan was seen constantly hanging out with Jonathan Bricklin, a 31-year-old who is her fellow investor in SPiN, a ping-pong club in New York City. Now, Susan has announced that they are working on a reality TV show together about the ping-pongers who spend their days and nights at SPiN. “It won’t be the ‘Jersey Shore,’” says Susan, who also says she is the “Johnny Appleseed of ping-pong.” “It’s more of an episodic documentary. We’re trying to invent something you haven’t seen before that follows a bunch of people in this crazy little subculture. … We’re just in the early filming stages now.” While I have to question whether Susan is going through some kind of midlife crisis, I gotta admit that the show sounds pretty awesome. I love docs about people who dedicate themselves to leisure sports. “Word Wars” (Scrabble), “The King of Kong” (Donkey Kong), and “Spellbound” (spelling bees) are some of my favorite docs ever, and this sounds very much in the same vein. So, count me in and hand me a paddle? [People]