Sexy Banker Wants State Investigation Into Citibank Sexual Harassment Claims

In a news conference held yesterday, Debrahlee Lorenzana, the former banker who claims she was sexually harassed, called for a state investigation into her claims against Citibank. Earlier this month, The Village Voice published an exposè on Lorenzana’s claims, including that her two male managers “starting making offhanded comments about her appearance,” specifically on her makeup, hair and clothes, and that she was instructed how to dress so as not to draw attention to herself. Lorenzana was eventually fired.Citibank has long maintained that Lorenzana was fired for poor performance, not because she repeatedly complained to her managers and their higher-ups about the attention, as she claims. In a statement issued to, Citibank issues nothing short of a smackdown — even invoking a recent plastic surgery promotional video of Lorenzana where she cheers for boob jobs and says she wants to look like “tits on a stick”:

Unlike Ms. Lorenzana, Citibank does not intend to try this case in the media and we reiterate that her termination was based on poor performance. Although we can’t speak to her previous attention-seeking activities, her current attempts to gain personal publicity are as transparent as her legal claims. We remain confident that when all of the facts and documentation are presented, the claim will be dismissed.

Wow, that’s kind of arrogant. I expect this is how a lot of companies deal with sexual harassment claims, i.e., dismissively. It doesn’t make me any more sympathetic to their claims of innocence.

While I don’t know about a state investigation, Debrahlee Lorenzana and Citibank both deserve their day in court. []