Quotable: Candace Cameron Bure On The Cultural Impact Of DJ Tanner

“Oh I totally enjoy [‘Full House’]. I don’t cringe at all. It’s funny and I completely embrace it. ‘Full House’ made me part of who I am today. There’s nothing embarrassing about it—maybe just the sweaters and big hair. I’ve had so many people say, ‘I used to want to dress like DJ Tanner.’ Now they look back and it’s a joke. ‘What am I going to be for Halloween? Ooh, DJ Tanner—I’ll wear scrunchie socks and big high bangs.’ I think it’s awesome. And I think pretty soon ‘pulling a DJ Tanner’ will be in the dictionary. I hear it all the time when girls who haven’t eaten all day are about to faint while working out. They ‘pulled a DJ Tanner.’ It’s great. I love it.”

—Candace Cameron Bure, who played DJ Tanner on “Full House” back in the day. After leaving Hollywood, getting hitched to a hockey star, and having three kids, Candace is back on the small screen on the totally underrated show “Make It Or Break It.” I wonder if her brother, Kirk Cameron, ever has anyone tell him they “pulled a Mike Seaver”? Which I imagine would be skipping school to make out with a girl while having Boner Stabone wear a wig and pretend to be him. Ahh, late ’80s television. [NY Post]