5 People Who’ve Lost Their Jobs Over Sexy Pics

New sexy photos have popped up of Arkansas corrections officer Jessie Lunderby (left), who was suspended earlier this month by the Washington Country Sheriff’s Department after being named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week. Lunderby wasn’t sure whether she’d get her job back, but says she’s gotten plenty of other job offers, “from posing nude in adult magazines to starring in X-rated movies.” But also “more regular jobs like working as a secretary, or in bars.” Is it messed up for me to say that she was probably too attractive to work as a corrections officer in the first place? [RadarOnline.com]

In Jessie’s honor, we’ve rounded up a few others fired for their sexy pics.

  • Tiffany Shepherd, a biology teacher in Florida, was fired after the administration found her “sexy bikini pictures” on the internets and learned she worked part-time as a bikini girl on charter fishing boats. After being fired, Shepherd couldn’t get any other jobs, so she became a porn star named Leah Lust. This makes me sad. It’s not like kids haven’t seen women in bikinis before and even if they saw her in one, they’re still technically learning about biology, right? And maybe if teachers got paid reasonable wages, they wouldn’t have to get part-time jobs on boats? [Polls Boutique]
  • Sacramento cheerleading coach Carlie Christine was fired for being featured in Playboy, after some of her cheerleaders outed her. Apparently, Christine used her real name and the football team was privy to the pics long before the administration and parents caught wind. This sounds like a Lifetime movie waiting to happen, but I’m sure Christine is better off without those mean girls. [Nerve]
  • Dallas police officer Bryan Crews was fired after an eight-month investigation found that he’d “sent nude photos of himself to a high school student during school hours, kept several people’s ID cards and failed to give copies of tickets to several violators who were later wanted for arrest because they didn’t pay the tickets.” His attorney said the department “should be ashamed” of the way their investigation went down and that his personal life has nothing to do with his “status as a police officer or on-the-job conduct.” It doesn’t mention whether the high school student was of-age, but guys should really learn that girls don’t usually want sexy pics of men. [Dallas News]
  • “Days of Our Lives” soap star Marcus Patrick was fired after posing for Playgirl. The producers insisted that the decision was made long before the pics hit the newsstands, but insiders say that the NBC execs were pissed. The actor also starred in the independent gay movie “Dirty Laundry.” Jeez, it’s not like he’s in the Mickey Mouse Club. If anything, I’d be more likely to watch the show if I’d have known there were hotties on it. Just sayin’. [BGay]