Does Anyone Buy “Investment Pieces” Anymore?

A brawl has broken out in a recent post on The Cut blog: about whether or not buying cheap clothes at Forever 21 is a waste of money and a young woman should be building a collection of “investment pieces” instead. They’re fighting because a ginormous, multi-floor Forever 21 just opened in New York City’s Times Square and some aren’t thrilled about the “fast fashion” mega-store.

I’ll cut the first bitch who talks smack about Forever 21 — like, my entire wardrobe comes from there. But shopping there certainly presents a trade-off. Because I have so many $30 dresses and $20 heels, I don’t have any of the “investment pieces” that style books instruct a young woman to collect. I simply can’t afford them! I don’t own a classic Burberry trenchcoat. I don’t own a Prada handbag. I don’t own a real pearl necklace. I do have lots of LDBs — from Forever 21 and H&M, of course.
I really don’t know any woman in her 20s or 30s who saves up her money for high-quality, big purchases. Usually, if someone has a luxury handbag or $600 heels, they are a one-off: a gift, a thrift, or something she purchased at a discount on Gilt Groupe. It seems everyone is addicted to “fast fashion” the way they’re addicted to a fast internet connection! So I’ve got to wonder: Does anyone buy investment pieces anymore? Tell us in the comments. [The Cut]