Amy Locane Of “Melrose Place” Facing Charges For Vehicular Manslaughter

Amy Locane, who played Sandy—the Southern bartender trying to make it as an actress—in the first season of “Melrose Place,” appears to be following in the footsteps of another blond “Melrose” alum. Earlier this year, Heather Locklear was investigated for a hit-and-run, though the only victim in that incident was a speed limit sign. Locane’s accident is far, far, far more severe. On Sunday evening, Locane rear-ended a car in Princeton, New Jersey. As the driver of that car called the police, Locane’s Chevy Tahoe sped off. The driver apparently followed Locane and witnessed her knocking over several mailboxes. Shortly after, Locane crashed straight into the side of a car as it turned into a driveway. The passenger in the car was killed instantly; meanwhile, the driver is still in critical condition. Locane is currently in jail with her bail set at $50,000. She apparently told the officers that she had several glasses of wine before getting behind the wheel, but she may be lowballing that number since officers reported that her eyes were hazed over and she was slurring her words at the scene of the crash. Locane will face charges for second-degree vehicular homicide, and could get 10 years behind bars. Will famous folks—and, err, formerly famous folks—please realize soon that drinking and driving is in no way, shape, or form excusable? Call someone for a ride or get in a cab, please. If not for your own safety, then for others. [D-Listed, NY Daily News]