20 Things Worth Spending Money On

When I moved a couple weeks ago from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I was reminded once again that there are certain things in life that are simply worth shelling out money for, no matter how tight your budget is. Anyone who has hired professional movers after experiencing the pain of moving without them knows exactly what I’m talking about. After the jump, 20 more things that are worth spending a little extra on.

  1. Air conditioning on a beastly hot day
  2. Grass-fed meat
  3. A salon dye job (vs. the box stuff)
  4. A good bra
  5. Health insurance
  6. A great interview outfit
  7. A brand-new/never-owned-by-anyone-else bed
  8. Strong toilet paper
  9. A professional photographer for your wedding
  10. An exterminator
  11. A yearly vacation
  12. Tailoring
  13. Good sunscreen
  14. Preventative medical exams
  15. Moisturizer/eye cream
  16. Quality sheets
  17. Fresh produce (organic, if possible)
  18. A warm winter coat (if you live in a cold climate)
  19. A cab home from the airport after a very long flight
  20. Art (including live music, theater, museum tickets, gallery exhibitions, etc.)

Photos: iStockphoto