20 Things Men (Maybe) Don’t Know About Women

A couple months ago, we asked our male readers and the guys in our lives to reveal some things about their gender we ladies might not know. We posted their replies in “25 Things Women (Maybe) Don’t Know About Men.” Well, now it’s our turn to tell guys a thing or two about us they may not already know. We asked, and you ladies answered. After the jump, 20 things men (maybe) don’t know about women. Keep an eye out for 20 more things men (maybe) don’t know about women later this week (and chicas, it’s not too late to share your secrets. Email me at {encode=”[email protected]” title=”[email protected]”})!1. “Just because we aren’t saying it out loud doesn’t mean we aren’t picturing your hot brother naked, fantasizing about the ‘under the radar’ cute boy on the subway or masturbating twice a day too!” — Melissa, 30

2. “It’s fun to play the damsel in distress sometimes. I love how proud you get when you squash a spider or open that impossible jar.” — Jenna, 21

3. “I love big hands on men. I love the dimples on the small of their backs. If I am in love with them, I think they are the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I love it when they are manly and when they cry. A man who can make good eggs will make me fall in love with him.” — Ashley, 30

4. “Sometimes, when we have sex with you, we’re only doing it to keep the peace.” — Becca, 27

5. “If we demand to pay for our half, chances are, we aren’t thinking of you on a romantic level.” — Melissa, 30

6. “I may tell you that I hate porn and don’t want you watching it, but if you’re not around, I will indulge in some myself.” — Stephanie, age 26

7. “When asked if we are okay and we say, ‘I’m fine,’ we’re lying! Truth is we are not fine but we rather keep peace or want the guy to just automatically sense something is wrong. Yes, we expect men to be mind readers” — Crystal, 27

8. “Get rough. Pull my hair, smack my ass, sink in your teeth, growl at me…I’m in charge of my life for the other 23 hours of the day…you take control for a while.” — Lynn, 29

9. “One of the most fun parts about being a woman is that we get to wear cute shoes!” — Kim, 26

10. “No, your penis isn’t big. It’s average-sized, and I think it’s perfect!” — Nicole, 25

11. “Ask me questions…about my job, my day, my favorite vacation, my family, my beliefs. It tells me that you’re interested and invested and makes me feel super secure in your feelings for me.” — Lynn, 29

12. “I get (really) horny too!! Just because I don’t think about it night and day doesn’t mean I don’t think about it at all.” — Jenna, 21

13. “We girls are strong. We can handle anything our ‘crazy’ friends and families throw at us, we can give birth and handle 3 days worth of cramps… every. single. month. But every once in a while, we like to be taken care of. So please, guys, lift the heavy stuff for us, OK?” — Trish, 26

14. “Not all women get PMS. I’m the exact same before my period, on it and after it.” — Sara, 28

15. “If you’re only looking for ‘action,’ don’t ask us for a relationship. Be upfront — if we say no, it would have ended unhappily anyway and you’d be better off finding someone who is looking for the same thing you are.”— Danica

16. “Girls love the little gestures just as much as the big ones. If not more.” — Ashley, 23

17. “Women nickname all their guys! Every single guy I’ve dated (and there’s been lots) has a nickname: Quickie Burger, Ice Cream Guy, Shorty, Beefy Italian, Abs Guy, Latin Lover, Mr. King, Leafs Guy, Jack Rabbit, The Candidate. It’s just a way to talk to your girlfriends so they can keep everyone straight.” — Sara, 28

18. “We know it seems unfair that we use femininity to get stuff guys can’t, but there’s a lot of things that are unfair in your favor. Give us this one.” — Sonia, 27

19. “I’m a woman and I love sports — I have since I was a kid. I have NEVER pretended to like sports to get a guy to like me. I can sit with my best female friends and talk celebrity gossip, fashion, and relationships (thank you, The Frisky!), and I can turn around and talk NHL, NFL, and MLB records, standings, and stats with my guy friends, and I’m proud of it!” — Alexis, 27

20. “We hate when you dismiss our opinions and emotions with a comment about how we’re “on our periods”. It’s possibly one of the most obnoxious things you could do, and will instantly make a woman feel like you don’t respect her.” — Jen, 18