Oprah’s Search For The Next TV Star: 10 Peeps To Vote For

We’re a year away from Oprah’s final talk show. But do not fear—the Big O is creating her own network. Oprah is currently on the hunt for a fresh face to host a show, and since she loves her fans—especially giving them things—she is bestowing on her adoring public the honor of selecting their favorite for a chance to win. Thousands of people have uploaded videos, pitching their ideas and personas in hopes of getting their own slot in Winfrey World. According to MSNBC, “Ten finalists will appear in an eight-episode boot camp to determine who will get to host; shows will air when OWN launches in January 2011 and will be executive produced by Mark Burnett.” The good news: there’s one more week to cast your vote. The bad news: there are way too many videos to watch. So we’ve sifted through the candidates and picked out 10 who would make Oprah proud.

  1. Alycia. Alycia has dubbed herself a “professional single” and is ready to show you what’s in her job description. This 36-year-old is sick of phony dating shows and programs about the troubled lives of rich, married women. In other words, she is speaking our language. Alycia wants to do a show about dealing with the countless curveballs of being single. As long as she doesn’t use “Single Ladies” for her intro music, we are on board.
  2. Kimberlee. Kimberlee is a FOF—a friend of The Frisky. At the minute mark in her video, you’ll even catch a glimpse of our Ami Angelowicz. Kimberlee’s proposed show is all about taking your personal story, rewriting it, and then letting it go. A hilarious and amazingly warm memoirist, performer, and writing coach, Kimberlee is not about letting people whine about how hard their lives are; she’s about pushing them to create the change they need. More happy people and less whiners: sounds excellent to me.
  3. Zach. There is a reason that Zach has the most views so far—because he is charming, genuine and hilarious. Afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, which he calls the “sexiest of the palsys,” Zach is looking to make a show that inspires people to enjoy traveling regardless of their situation. Whether their issues are financial, physical, or just lost luggage, Zach wants to prove to people that there is no road block to having a perfect adventure. We’re already hooked.
  4. Suzy. I have been picking up discarded hubcaps for years, but have never gotten as creative as Suzy. This is a woman who made an entire bedroom out of found goods. Mind you, it is an insane bumblebee-colored bedroom, but I am interested in what this lady can do. She wants to teach viewers how to transform “junk” and, in turn, reinvent the way people view garbage. Any hubcap ideas, Suzy?
  5. Paula. Her motto is “If Betty White can do it, so can I.” Imagine how amazing life would be if the whole world got behind that. Other than taking inspiration from one of our favorite ladies, Paula wears kooky clothes and often finds herself putting on a British accent. It would be interesting to see what she would do with a budget.
  6. Brian. This man has big plans that seem to go hand-in-hand with a big heart. Brian wants to start a show called “A New Day,” which would work to inspire people who are constantly overlooked in our society: orphans, the homeless, the unemployed, and those suffering from mental illness. It’s a towering goal, but Brian is determined to scale it any way he can.
  7. Cooking Cop. So I am pretty sure that a show like this exists, but what it is lacking is a man in uniform. Cooking Cop is all about a California chef in a sheriff’s outfit busting down on bad cookers. Cooking Cop had me smitten with the title, but I knew it was love once I saw the fried chicken knowledge he laid down on the not-so-skilled cooker in his video.
  8. Adam. This show idea sounds a lot like a male version of “The View.” But we’re not talking the next “Man Show.” Adam is looking to get guys together to talk about how ironing can be enjoyable, and how purse-shopping with you wife isn’t too bad either. Who knew men thought this? Did I mention he was going to have a mom on the show to dole out advice? I am both perplexed and intrigued.
  9. Arthur. Props to this guy for actually going out to the streets of New York City and getting people enthused about him. Mind you, these are citizens who are daily harassed to stop for salon scams and Cash 4 Gold flyers, and Arthur goes out and gets people not only to talk on camera but to be generally interested in what he has to say. If he has no problem dealing with some of the nation’s toughest strangers, he should have no problem entertaining America with his one man party.
  10. Elizabeth. So this is partially a hometown holler. Elizabeth hails from Michigan, five minutes from where I grew up. But this mother of two has some important show ideas as well. Elizabeth wants to teach parents and their children how to lead healthy lives. Her main way of going about this is getting kids connected with food through gardening, cooking, composting, and more. In a time when more children are suffering from obesity, this could be an accessible way to bring better eating to everyday households. And to show off how awesome Michigan is. Woot!

Whom will you be voting for?