Gary Coleman Nude Clip Sparks A Lawsuit And The Creeps

A lot of people have trouble letting sleeping dogs lie. Not to call Gary Coleman a dog, but a site called has obtained a clip of the deceased actor flashing the camera, and has packaged it with the headline, “Gary Coleman was Not Little! Exclusive Video of Gary Coleman Exposed.” I think it’s safe to assume that no one wants to see that, regardless of how “not little” he might have been. Reportedly, the clip came from Gary’s role as a porn-mogul in the documentary “Midgets vs. Mascots.” It shows Coleman standing in the shower, trying to break up a fight. The director of the movie, Ron Carlson, is now suing Kikster for $10 million for leaking the nude clip. He says it’s “a direct and blatant violation of our rights and quite frankly offensive on so many disturbing levels.”

I couldn’t have said it better … about the whole movie itself. Even Coleman said of the film, “It was worse than any film school project. I shouldn’t be in this movie in the first place, but the mortgage keeps coming. This movie almost cost me my relationship with my wife. It has caused me grief … I’m going to bash my fists right in my agent’s face.”

If that movie was the lowest point in Coleman’s career, you know it’s got to be a total atrocity. Since no one wanted to watch it when it came out, why would we want to watch it now that he’s dead? The guy went through enough during his life and further embarrassment really isn’t respectful. I guess there are worse rumors in the world to have than being well-hung, but it’s just wrong to talk about Gary like that.

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