Was Chris Brown Trying To Save His Career With That BET Awards Performance?

So last night, Chris Brown performed at the BET Awards, paying tribute to Michael Jackson with a dance medley and song. It’s no wonder Chris fancies himself the next MJ — that boy can dance and totally showed Rihanna how the Moonwalk is done. But when it came to singing “Man in the Mirror,” a song that definitely hits home for Chris after he beat the crap out of Rihanna last year, Chris was a blubbering mess. Seriously, I don’t think he completed one lyric. He just flailed his arms, wiped his tears, and hung his head while the crowd and Michael (through a recorded version of the song) sang.Chris’ tears seemed genuine — “Man in the Mirror” is a song that can make you see the error of your ways. But was he begging his fans for forgiveness for the whole Rihanna assault incident or was he begging to get back into the general public’s good graces? I’d say the latter since Chris continued his sobbing backstage, where he told Ray J: “This night saved my life, and my career.”

So there you have it. This was a last-ditch attempt to resurrect his career after the dismal sales of his album Graffiti. I mean, I’d be crying too if I were afraid of becoming a washed-up has-been before the age of 25. But I’m also willing to bet that his camp encouraged him to finally show some raw emotion since he hardly showed any sensitivity or humility when he spoke about the assault last year. Yet, even after his crying performance, Chris only seems apologetic about how the assault affected his career, not necessarily about the assault itself. The whole night would have played out differently if Rihanna had been in attendance. But for all those who say he hasn’t done enough, myself included, what exactly are we expecting of him?