Beauty Test Drive: Soulgasm Parfum

Here at The Frisky, anything that enhances frisky business seems like good business. What could be better than a perfume that has a distinct scent, but also leads to seduction? Nothing. Soulgasm, a new perfume by Sasha Varon, is deep, sheer, and definitely intense. The base of the perfume is clean musk, warm amber, and a sweet French vanilla. Jasmine, lily, and woodberry comprise the heart of the perfume, with some black currant, freesia, peach, and pear notes in it, as well.

The perfume smells very sweet, kind of like a candy store or a fresh bowl of fruit. I sprayed a little bit onto my wrist, and while the smell was a bit too strong and sweet for my personal taste, it was intriguing nonetheless. I can totally see how it has a “come and get it” kind of effect on people. For the people out there with a sweet tooth (or nose) this perfume is definitely one to try.

The only problem that I ran into while having my Soulgasm experience was … well, it’s very difficult to get off. While perfumes are meant to last a long time, this perfume has 33 percent fragrance oil, so it’s not only very potent, but also really sticks to your skin. And I mean really sticks. I tried to wash the perfume off my wrists, and even after scrubbing with soap and water, it continued to linger. Obviously, I wasn’t fond of the scent — I’m more of a subtle scent girl! — but if you like sweet, strong, and sensual fragrances, definitely try Soulgasm. You definitely won’t have to reapply that often. [$70, Beauty Cafe]