9 Celebs Who Owe Some Serious Dough

mariah 62610 m jpg
Mariah Carey is one pampered bitch, but her dogs are even bigger divas. The singer rang up a bill of $38K at the dog groomer alone! She supposedly owes Dr. Cindy Bressler of Long Island for the care of her three Jack Russell terriers, Cha-Cha, JJ, and Dolomite. Sheesh. Apparently the singer was too busy promoting “Precious” to pay up. Did those fancy pooches get gold facials and their poop encrusted in Swarovski crystals? What the heck were they doing at that doggy spa to accrue a bill that high?! And you know Mariah isn’t hurting for the dough, so why won’t she just ante up? She probably spent more money on lube and glitter last month alone!

Do some celebrities really think they can just stiff the regular folk because they’re so famous? Before you go rolling out the red carpet for celeb clients, here are some big names who have recently been caught bouncing on their bills!

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