365 Days In Paris: In A Nutshell

Attendez! OK, I know my farewell post has gone up, but here’s a little extra bonus. After the jump, a chronological summary of 365 Days in Paris. Bref, what happens when you move to Paris for a year …

  • First, have a quarter-life crisis and decide you need to turn your life into some sort of perverted Julia Roberts movie.
  • Get settled and attempt to start dating in Paris.
  • Find that dating in France is supremely effed up.
  • Meet a French guy through online dating and become amazed by how fast the relationship moves.
  • Break up with said Frenchman because you’re completely freaked out by how fast the relationship moves.
  • Have a casual fling with an American Boy. C’mon, you knew that would never last.
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving in Paris, a holiday that not one French person can pronounce nor understand.
  • Spend Christmas with your awesome new girlfriend, getting smashed on champagne on a cabaret boat. Decide Christmas in Paris is the most awesome thing ever even though you are Jewish.
  • Get unexpected e-mail from your ex-boyfriend in Amsterdam, the “one who got away,” who you’ve never stopped thinking of. Things heat up on Skype, and he hops on a train to spend New Year’s with you. Advance two spaces.
  • Complete devastation once Amsterdam boy is gone and you’ve realized that you got your heart broken. For the second time. What the hell? Go back five spaces.
  • Attempt to recover from your breakup (or whatever it was) by getting drunk with friends at a crazy couscous restaurant and riding a bike home at three in the morning. (This is very dangerous. Please do not actually do this.)
  • Go home to NYC for a visit, hoping you might gain some clarity about what you want to do with your life. Return to Paris just as confused as ever.
  • Decide you need to stop feeling sorrow for your broken heart, and go back online to start dating again. Find that online dating in Paris is a wasteland.
  • Have a one-night stand with a French guy. At least, you think it was a one-night stand. Was it a one-night stand? Ask Parisian friends about casual sex. They say they do not understand the term. Get stood up by French guy. Definitely a one-night stand.
  • Take much-deserved vacation to Israel. Return to Paris spiritually cleansed and convinced that things are about to turn around.
  • They do.
  • Hooray! You now have a French boyfriend and you even passed the test with his French family.
  • Decide you’re going to stay in Paris for a while longer, if not for the romance, then at least for the cheese.

If moving to Paris (or abroad!) is something you’re interested in doing, here’s some info on how to save money to get there, and more specifics on how I did it, here.