10 Reasons Why The Big Winners Might Have Been MIA At The Daytime Emmys

Did you happen to catch the Daytime Emmys last night? No worries if you missed it. So did the big winners, Dr. Oz and Ellen. Oz took the award for Outstanding Talk Show Host and Ellen snagged the Outstanding Talk Show award. [Radar]

So, why were they MIA when their golden trophies were presented? Our top 10 guesses after the jump.

  1. Duh, Ellen was at the Gay Pride Parade.
  2. Dr. Oz thinks television is bad for your health.
  3. No one wants to sit through a Dick Clark tribute presented by Ryan Seacrest. No one.
  4. Ellen was offended that Regis Philbin was asked to host instead of her.
  5. Sunday is colonic day for Dr. Oz.
  6. Maura West of “As the World Turns” bribed them not to come so she would have more time for her “last chance” acceptance speech.
  7. Ellen had to wash her hair.
  8. Dr. Oz was too busy watching the World Cup.
  9. Marie Osmond, Chubby Checker featuring Susan Lucci doing the twist, and the Las Vegas company of “The Lion King” were the only “talent” who would sign on.
  10. The Daytime Emmys are lame and no one really cares.