Does Googling A Person Help Or Hinder A First Date?

We no longer need the library to do research or the mall to go shopping; the entire world is now at our fingertips. The invention of the internet has made our world bigger, especially with the invention of Google. People Google everything, including you. Since the internet began we have been told to be careful of what we put on the internet because once it’s on, it’s almost impossible to get it off. This is why people Google other people, to find out information that they might not be able to get first hand; no one likes the unknown. Aside from employers now Googling prospective employees, people are now Googling each other before first dates to find out everything can before sitting down for dinner. First dates can be super awkward. We’ve already told you about 15 ways to make a first date less awkward, because while some people may be comfortable and confident, others aren’t so skilled when it comes to making a good first impression. But aside from those things, Googling someone can give you a little background information about them so you don’t go into a date totally blind. If the person happens to have a clean track record, a spotless Facebook, and nothing bad on the Internet to impair your judgment, you might just be off to a good start; but what happens if what Google tells you about your dinner date partner isn’t so great?

If you were to find out unsavory details about someone you’re about to go out with — whether minor (“He likes Incubus?! Eww!”) or major (“His ex-girlfriend says he cheated constantly…”) — would that stop you from going out on the date and getting to know the person yourself? And how would you feel if you knew someone Googled you before a date and came to conclusions about you and things you’d done before even coming face-to-face? How do you feel about Googling a person before a first date? Does it help or hinder the date?