Ask The Astrosexologist: Do I Still Have A Shot With My Scorpio BF?

I’m a Taurus and he’s a Scorpio. We used to date a while ago and he quickly became my best friend as well, but it was my first real relationship and he moved way too fast for me emotionally. So we broke up. Then last year, when I was going through a hard time and despite all the time that had passed, he was the only one I wanted to talk it through with. So I reconnected with him and ended up telling him how much I really missed him — but, I knew I wasn’t ready for a relationship at that particular time and I told him that, but he asked me out again anyway. I told him to just give me some time and he said he would, but apparently he took it as a kiss off because before I had had enough time he was dating someone new. Since then we have sporadically been keeping in touch, but now my situation has changed and we might be seeing a lot more of each other. I decided that if I got the chance to be with him again I would take it, ready or not. Although, right now he is involved (with yet another girl) and I dunno if I should push the subject now or wait it out. I’ve tried to move on, but every time I see the way he looks at me, it gives me hope and I just want to know whether or not there is a chance? – Hopeful

Scorpio men aren’t going to wait around for anybody. Don’t take it too personally that he did hook up with someone, because he might still be holding that flame out for you, but he wasn’t going to let it keep him down. Plus, he’s going to need to get his pole greased, if you know what I mean…and who knows how deep any of these relationships were/are? Not to say you should count your chickens in your basket yet, because nothing at this point is certain. The only thing you can do is see if you do wind up around him and then spend the time with him. What will feel right will arise and be apparent. If you do have that chemistry, then you’ll know. You can’t force a good thing.

As a Taurus, you like to be cautious, but there is no way to predict an outcome on this situation. As it goes, Scorpio and Taurus is a good match, as they are complementary signs and there is a bond that makes you get each other on an almost psychic level. Of course, this could also make you clash too. So, while the potential is there, slow up your emotions and take it one step at a time, because if something is going to happen and be significant, time will reveal it when it’s best for both of you. Besides, both these signs like to move at a snail’s pace when it comes to truly opening up and if it is any other way, then consider that a red flag not of someone that is truly connecting with you, but perhaps someone that is co-dependent. Of course, until you sort this out, consider all your options.

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