Why Do Women Love Murderers?

I got a little nauseous when I read about single women throwing themselves at alleged killer Joran van der Sloot. Marriage proposals? For a murderer? WTF? But apparently, murderers have always had a certain cache with the ladies, according to author Sheila Isenberg. In her book Women Who Love Men Who Kill, she explored the twisted psychology behind the attraction.According to her interviews with three dozen women who had been involved with convicted murderers, their media hype and celebrity status made them seem macho. Women who are desperate for attention find these notorious celebs easy to fall in love with A) because they are a captive audience and B) because they more likely to respond to fan mail than actual celebrities. Yeah, duh—what else do they have to do behind bars besides plot a “Shawshank Redemption”-like escape?

But interestingly, there was deeper level of attraction. Many of the women she interviewed were previously in abusive relationships and were enamored with the idea of having a relationship with a dangerous man who was behind bars. If you are the primary link to the outside world for someone, it puts you in a very powerful position. So, it’s actually a control thing?

All I know is that I still don’t get it. PAFU—people are f**fed up. [Daily Beast]