5 Of The Strangest College Degrees Ever

My teachers always said that stoners don’t amount to anything, but a few select schools across the country are handing out weed diplomas! At Med Grow Marijuana School, outside Detroit, students take a six-week course on growing the best medical marijuana. Apparently, nearly one fifth of the students are ex-auto workers. There are also Med Grow branches in Colorado and New Jersey, and Oaksterdam University has a three-year pot school in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Michigan. Despite increased acceptance of medical marijuana, local police told students that if they’re caught toking, “We’re going to drop you like a bad habit.” Apparently, their police force learned how to talk from “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Living in a city with more medical marijuana clinics than Starbucks, I’ve already accepted that this is the future, but whose parents let them get a degree in weed? [Newser]

In honor of weed schools, we’ve rounded up some of the weirdest college degrees ever, for your amusement.

  • At the United Kingdom’s Coventry University, students can get a masters degree in parapsychology, which is essentially a degree in Ghostbusting. The two-year course teaches students how to chase poltergeists, talk to the dead, understand telepathy, and record images and noises to determine whether it’s a haunting or can be explained more logically. [Metro UK]
  • If you really like wearing used shoes and throwing balls at pieces of wood, you might be interested in the Bowling Industry Management degree at Vincennes University in Iowa. The curriculum includes “pinsetter mechanics, pro shop, lane car, league development” and the business of running a bowling alley. This might not be the most timely degree since bowling alleys seem to be closing down daily, but who knows where the trend will go? [11 Points]
  • If you like God and sports, you’re in luck because Campbellsville University in Kentucky offers a Sports Ministry degree! The program prepares its students for “positions in non-profit organizations seeking to use sports as an avenue for teaching religion.” Some of the lessons concentrate on relationship building, witnessing, and teaching sports in a Christian environment. So it’s a way for coaches to casually teach religion to their athletes? [EZine Articles]
  • Liverpool Hope University in (duh) Liverpool, has launched an master’s degree program on “The Beatles, Popular Music, and Society.” The program entails two night classes a week for a year, focusing on the band’s songs, and the influence of their fashion on youth culture, Liverpool itself (as their hometown), and the contexts of the 1960s, among other things. And when you graduate you can … write another book about The Beatles? [Mental Floss]