The Internet Wants To Help Save Your Skin

We know the rules: wear sunscreen, get regular checkups from the dermatologist, and watch your skin for signs of oddly shaped moles. But let’s be honest. There are days you go without sunscreen, having no insurance can make regular visits to the derm difficult, and sometimes distinguishing the difference between the shape of a mole one day versus a month later is impossible. is here to save you from those very skin woes. Simply upload a picture of yourself or specific moles to the website, track their changes over time by uploading newer images, and — should you need it — forward the pictures to a dermatologist for further advice. You’ll be able to easily view the difference in shape and size without wondering, Did that mole grow? or Was that there before? Another little helpful tool offered by the website is a quick “before and after” option, where you can see the effectiveness of skin creams or acne treatments, as the site will analyze your skin texture for changes so you can determine the worth of your latest beauty buy. Sure you could just take your own pictures and save them to your hard drive for personal reflection, but where’s the social media fun in that? [BellaSugar]