“Privates,” The Video Game That Takes Place In A Vagina

No video game could be quite so depraved as “Bonetown,” the world’s first action-adventure porno video game. But a new game called “Privates” rachets up the shock factor. Tiny soldiers storm through the human body’s private parts, blasting STDs, sperm and poop and yelling nonsense like, “Oh hey, look, a massive vagina!” “Privates” is pretty silly—like, I could see my six-year-old nephew loving a video game involving poop. Because poop is really funny, duh.

Alas, the game is for kids ages 14 and up, on account of lady-pubes and references to not-for-kindergartners topics like syphilis. Guess everyone needs to let out their inner six-year-old sometimes? [Joystiq.com]