Pink Balls: The New Term For Women Experiencing Sexual Frustration

If women had to count the amount of times a guy has complained about getting blue balls, we’d run out of fingers and toes to count with. Men always use the blue ball excuse to try to make us feel bad about their sexual frustration and discomfort and to convince us to use our magical ways to fix it. Well, ladies, medical science has proven that women get a similar painful feeling when we don’t get to finish properly either. There is nothing worse then being close to climaxing and losing it; just because we don’t physically ejaculate (well, much) doesn’t mean we don’t get pink balls. Pink and blue balls are terms technically known as vasoconstriction. This is when a male or female gets excited and blood rushes down to the genital area causing the swelling of tissues due to increased blood flow. This swelling causes the penis to become erect and the vagina to become aroused. The uncomfortable feeling that a man refers to as blue balls occurs when he doesn’t ejaculate and the blood doesn’t return to its normal blood flow and the tissues don’t go back to normal size quickly. He’s left with an uncomfortable feeling of built-up pressure in the genital area. Well, women get this feeling too when we don’t orgasm. So instead of letting your man do all the complaining about his balls needing to be relieved of their discomfort, make sure you get your gratification too.