Frisky Q & A: Fashion Stylist Lori Goldstein Talks Jones New York And Empowering Women

Fashion stylist Lori Goldstein is a much sought-after creative force in the fashion industry. She has collaborated with top photographers like Steven Meisel and Annie Leibowitz, and has worked as a contributing editor at Italian Vogue and Allure. Goldstein has also worked with celebrities — Madonna and Anne Hathaway are just two famous stars she’s influenced creatively. Brands like Vera Wang, Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, and BCBG have sought her creative advice and insight, as well. And now, Jones New York is set to unveil in August its Empowering Your Confidence campaign, which was partly brought to fruition by Goldstein and Leibowitz. This fall ad campaign celebrates the many contributions that women have brought to American life, not only through fashion, but also as a result of their investments, education, businesses, social causes, and community involvement. But don’t get confused, fashion does play a part in the empowerment of women and building confidence … Goldstein tells us how.How do you feel working with Jones New York on the Empowering Your Confidence campaign?

Working with Jones New York is always a great shoot. They are an institution of a brand and always have creative campaigns — it was just amazing. The idea of empowering a person’s confidence is the key to great success and really an important issue that so many women don’t really even think about until it’s brought to their attention. And then to have this absolutely amazing concept come to life was magical … and not many brands could pull that off!

How is fashion empowering?

Fashion is an essential part of who we are. It’s what people see when they see us. We have the power to tell a story with clothes, to feel good about ourselves. We can have fun with clothes and it can change everyday — there really are no rules. It’s creative and a very important part of taking care of ourselves to show the world that we are strong and fun and that as women, we are very diverse.

You don’t like to be called a “celebrity stylist.”

I really couldn’t tell you the misconceptions of celebrity stylists, that is not my job. I am a fashion stylist who really uses styling as my art form. I have been fortunate enough to work with incredible magazines and photographers throughout my career to express this — Steven Meisel is a great example and Annie Leibovitz as well. Dressing individual people for a red carpet has never interested me. I love creating images with clothing and telling a story through clothes, and although I work with celebrities, it’s always through a collaborative effort to create great images.

What’s the next step for your LOGO line with QVC?

The next step for LOGO is to open other opportunities for LOGO. QVC is a great venue and there are so many other avenues to pursue. I started LOGO as an extension of my beliefs, which are empowering women to have fun getting dressed and to try different things they would not normally do. Clothes really are an expression of ourselves and I have always dressed this way. People have always smiled when they see how I dress — colorful, mixing prints and colors and things outside the norm. Women have always said to me “I can’t wear that,” and my goal is to tell them “YES YOU CAN — GO FOR IT!” We get dressed everyday — have fun. I hope to bring that message to women all across this country.

What is your go-to fashion uniform?

Jeans, leggings, T-shirts, jackets are my go-to — that’s my uniform. Depending where I’m going will make the difference of it being color, mixed textures and prints, or all black (always gets me through a meeting) and always comfortable!