Don’t Talk About Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Body — Unless You’re Calling It “Amazing”

Remember only a few short years ago, when Jennifer Love Hewitt didn’t want the tabloids talking about her body? That was back when she was a little heavier and the tabloids were calling her fat. At the time, Hewitt said the so-called “fat” photos were the result of “bad angles,” that she loved her body — which she claimed was a “size 2″ — the way it was, cellulite and all. Well, now she really must love her body because it’s landed her on the cover of People’s “Most Amazing Bodies” issue. Here’s the thing — tabloids calling people fat and tabloids celebrating super skinny bodies as “amazing” are two sides of the same damn coin. As Wendy wrote in an open letter to Jessica Simpson, “The mistake you made wasn’t so much in gaining weight, it was in making such a big to-do of yourself when you were skinny … You were the one who sold your 36-24-36 figure as ideal, so you have no right to point fingers when the world points out those numbers have expanded.” Wise words for Jennifer to consider the next time she puts on a few pounds and the tabloids start saying oink.