Do You Wear A Complete Look For The Beach?

For most people, the main goal when dressing for the beach is being able to disrobe easily and quickly so precious moments in the sun and water aren’t lost. But there are a few women, like Kelly Rowland and Mexican singer/actress Paulina Rubio, who go beyond the simple swimsuit cover-up, romper, or slip dress, and actually plan an entire outfit for the beach. Kelly’s look seems based on function as much as style. Her fedora shields the sun, her scarf protects her expensive hair from getting wet, and the sarong prevents the paparazzi from getting booty shots. Overall, it’s a sexy retro beach outfit that doesn’t look forced.

Paulina, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten where she was going. Her footwear is cute, but totally inappropriate for sand and sun. And what’s up with that vest? Take away those two items and Paulina would look like a normal beach goer, instead of, literally, a hot mess. But, then again, when you’ve been famous since the day you were born, you have to make your presence known everywhere.

Are you like Kelly and Paulina? Do you wear a complete look for the beach?