Debbie Gibson And Tiffany To Cat Fight On Camera

You’re looking at the stars of SyFy’s new Saturday night original movie “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.” Sure, there was a time when Debbie Gibson and Tiffany were blasting out of your boom box tape deck, but now the ‘80s teen pop titans are going to be fightin’ she-beasts. Blood bath-eriffic! In the movie, Debbie play an animal rights activist who just can’t shake her love of snakes, but when she frees them from a pet store they wind up mutating. Tiffany will play a park ranger who does some pretty crazy stuff to save some endangered alligators, but her plan totally backfires and results in an epic battle. So, sadly the ladies won’t be the mutants — plastic surgery aside — but the old rivals will lock horns, which is still pretty sweet. They start shooting next month and the movie will hit the SyFy channel sometime next year. Something tells us, this might be the final blow that brings scrunchies back. Ahh! [Hollywood Reporter]