And The Prize Goes To … The Best Ways To Tease And Entice Your Partner

We asked you last week to tell us how you like to tease and entice your partner for a chance to win a copy of The Burlesque Handbook by Jo Weldon. And I just have to say that you all made me seriously sorry I have no sex life. That being said, I did learn a few tips from the three winners. Check out their advice after the jump.irish_dryad:

“On the days that we’re both home, we’ll relax around the house. My man is usually watching the game or whatever else catches his attention on the TV. Meanwhile, I’ll start doing house work. To tease my man, I’ll wear my shortest skirt, a low cut top, my thigh highs and my stilettos. I start doing the dishes, doing the vacuuming, and dusting the house. I’ll glide through the house in my sexy outfit, shaking my booty, and bending over whenever I’m in the same room as him. During my first few trips into the room, I’ll lightly brush his arm, butterfly kiss his shoulder, make brief feather touches whenever I’m close enough. He’ll try to focus on the TV but as soon as he realizes what I’m up to he’ll start following me through the house. When I have his attention, I can get him help me with the chores in whatever room I’m in. I’ll act like there is nothing unusual about my outfit, all the while coyly bending in front of him or rubbing my body against his while I try to reach things. He helps, knowing that the sooner I’m done with the chores, the sooner I’ll head to the bedroom to clean up in there. Our chores become a big tease, building the anticipation. When we finally make it to the bedroom, my man is ready to pounce. Our room doesn’t seem to get any cleaner, but neither of us is complaining. :) It’s such a turn on for both of us and a sexy way to get him to help out around the house!”


“When I get out of the shower, I come out completely naked hair and make-up done already. I know he’s looking at me but I pretend not to notice him at all and go about putting on full on lingerie as sexily as possible. Thigh highs, garters, lacy underwear, lacy bra, and high heels all matching. Then I proceed to oh my, I can’t find anything to wear – Gasp! (As if I planned on putting on anything at all anyways!) By then he’s slobbering all over himself, so I kindly let him beg me to take it all off . ;)”


“We play this game where, while sitting next to each other in bed, I will try and remove as much clothing as possible without him noticing. Most of the time I can get completely undressed before he realizes there is a nekkid girl sitting next to him (especially if basketball or football or SpongeBob are on). The “You dirty little devil” look he gives me when he notices sends me out of this world. The longer I can draw it out, the madder he goes once he gets his hands on me. Very sneaky :).”

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