Two New Online Dating Sites Where The Ladies Choose

Can I interest you in a little ladies choice … online? If you’re tired of waiting for the man of your dreams to send you a winky face on OK Cupid, there are two new online dating sites that are offering you a virtual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Considering I’m not yet prepared to hire an online dating assistant, I’m open to finding new and exciting ways to make online dating a non-lame experience. After the jump, check out my findings on and
This site takes the shopping experience to a whole new level. You can find the stray, single man of your dreams and put him in your “dating cart” before other ladies snag him. The site is set up for maximum dude shopping efficiency. You can pick their age, social type, style and some bonus factors, like if you want him to be a vegetarian. They even have daily specials if you’re a bargain hunter when it comes to love. This site’s goal is to ensure that women are in control by restricting dudes from browsing and allowing women free reign to search anonymously. When you find a dude you’re interested in, you reveal your profile and initiate contact. Voila! The upside, aside from the fact that you get to choose, is the privacy and safety of the site. No more weird, unwanted online stalkers. Yay!

The Verdict: Both sites are fun and easy to use, but Adopt A Guy seems more inclusive of the men folk. Sure, you are putting them in your shopping cart like some kind of new toy, but there’s an appealing humor and irony in that. Wouldn’t most guys laugh about being a cute girl’s purchase of the day? I’m wondering what impetus men would have to log onto Her Way if they can’t do anything but sit back and wait? How fun could that be for them?