Rachel Zoe Trashing Former Assistant Taylor Jacobson In The Press

How’s this for unprofessional? Stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe is on a roll talking smack about her former assistant, Taylor Jacobson, in the press. Jacobson left Zoe’s business — and the reality TV show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” which showed how Jacobson was the only one who lifted a finger in that office — last November. Word on the street is that Jacobson was fired over designer clothes that were lost or stolen from the closet — though that seems out-of-character, in my opinion.

We don’t know what really happened, but we do know there was no love lost between them: when asked about Jacobson’s new gig as a consultant for a denim line, Zoe told a reporter for Women’s Wear Daily, “I don’t care what she does. How’s that? How’s that for an answer?” More gossip, after the jump…WWD asked Zoe if the drama between her, Jacobson, and her second (and far lazier) assistant, Brad Goreski, was real or was it just reality TV:

RZ: “That was so real that I cannot even tell you how real that actually was. It was like, I hired Brad, this little angel, and then Taylor just went in for the kill. And I, like, did not see that coming. I always knew what she was capable of, but who knew that was going to happen with the camera?
WWD: Are you in touch with her?
RZ: The answer to that would be: I would love to tell you but I would have to kill you. You’ll see it on season three.
WWD: So Taylor is consulting for a denim line called Kasil now.
RZ: Ugh. Oh yeah. [A line] that I’ve never heard of. I don’t care what she does. How’s that? How’s that for an answer?”

Wow, what a bitch. I get that she’s trying to drum up interest in season three of “The Rachel Zoe Project,” but talk about throwing someone under a bus. Unless the show edited a lot of stuff out, Taylor Jacobson wasn’t that bad. She complained a lot, but anyone would get frustrated being the workhorse to Brad’s show pony.

Taylor, we love you! Come work at The Frisky! You can be a style blogger! We won’t take advantage of you! (Amelia, we have room in the budget for this, right?) [Women’s Wear Daily]