Gay Celeb Parents We Want To Adopt Us

ricky martin people espanol m jpg
Look at what I just found at my local newsstand! What’s cuter than a man who shakes his bon-bon? A man with not one, but two adorable babies! It’s better than a dozen bunnies riding on a unicorn over a rainbow made of sprinkles. I want Ricky Martin to adopt me! And not just because I was obsessed with “My Two Dads.” Whether you speak Spanish or not, Ricky is clearly an awesome example of gay fatherhood.

Although some states, like my own place of birth, Florida, still don’t see how ridiculous a ban on gays adopting is, unless it’s in the face of a budget crisis. Oy. So to help my old hometown come around — and in honor of Gay Pride — here are some amazing gay parents any kid would be lucky to call mom or dad!

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