Did “Double Exposure” Use Lindsay Lohan?

If you’re a lover of most things Bravo, then you’ve probably seen the promo clips for episode three of “Double Exposure,” in which someone named Lindsay is really, really late for a photo shoot with celebrity photography duo Markus Klinko and Indrani. Put the name and the fact that it’s a late celebrity together and it’s not hard to deduce that the episode is about Lindsay Lohan. After all, Lindz is notoriously known for being late. How many days did it take her to show up for a court hearing in Los Angeles after getting “stuck” in Cannes last month? Anyway, Lindsay would like you to think that Bravo and the “Double Exposure” producers used her for ratings. Lohan claims the producers gave her the wrong call time on purpose to set her up. (Feel free to read all her complaints via Twitter, of course.) The thing is, the photographers and the crew appear to wait around for eight hours, threatening to cancel the shoot because they think Lindsay is a no-show. They place calls to her manager, who says Lindsay is unwilling to come. But then, lo and behold, she eventually shows up. Upon entering, Lindsay offers a whispered apology for being late.

OK, so maybe they did use her for drama, to have a big tabloid name attached to their show, and for ratings. After all, before the show even began airing, Indrani even claimed that she was dating Lohan, which Lohan denies. But let’s face it, Lindsay probably played right into their plans. She’s one celebrity you probably can count on for being tardy. And if she was given the wrong call time, I’m sure she would have had a few other choice words besides “sorry” to say when she entered. Oh and one more thing, didn’t Lindz have to sign some sort of release before this aired? [PopEater]