Brandon Adams Gives His Version Of The Jeremy London Alleged Kidnapping

Brandon Adams, 26, is currently in in jail with his bail set at $500,000. He’s been accused of kidnapping actor Jeremy London at gunpoint and holding him for 12 hours, forcing him to buy beer and to smoke a pipe. Adams has given his interview about the incident to Radar. “I have six kids, a wife, and another kid on the way,” he said. “I have a lot to lose. He’s not telling the truth about what happened.”

Here’s how Adams’ narration of the night’s events go…“Me and my uncle were sitting outside the 7-Eleven trying to get someone to buy us a couple beers,” Adams said. “I didn’t know Jeremy was an actor. He and his wife were hanging outside the 7-Eleven acting really strange. He was pacing and sweating and he looked tweaked out. His wife was acting paranoid too.”

When Jeremy and Melissa came out of the 7-Eleven—by the way, they all said this went down at a Jack in the Box—they had a flat tire. Adams, his uncle, and another guy offered to help. “We helped them change it and asked if they could give us a ride home. And Jeremy said yes,” says Adams. “As soon as we got in the car, Jeremy asked us if we could get him five Xanax and five Oxycontin. Melissa was asking for Xanax too. I told him I could hook him up, but that I wanted a couple of beers. He agreed.”

From there, Adams says that London dropped off Melissa. And then they went for a many-hour joyride. “Jeremy wanted to drink, so we bought beer and some hard alcohol and we got f**ked up,” Adams said. “We went driving around my neighborhood, handing out beer to my friends and random people on the street. We were having a good time. I was finally able to get him three ecstasy and three Xanax pills. He took all six pills at once. He was out of his mind high.”

While London had claimed that his ordeal ended at the house of one of his captor’s sisters, Adams said that he took London back to his house, where London was hanging out with Adams’ wife and kids. “Then I drove him back to his neighborhood and I dropped him off,” says Adams.

For now, this remains a case of he-said/he-said. But I do have to say that Adams’ story sounds far more believable. What do you guys think?