A Sperm/Egg Bank Just For Hotties

You know what the world needs less of? Ugly babies.

Fortunately, a new online sperm and egg bank at BeautifulPeople.com only shows you hotties who are willing to offer their DNA for the good of humankind. Fuglies need not apply.Mashable.com spoke with BeautifulPeople.com’s Managing Director, Greg Hodge, about the new sperm/egg bank and he said the site is “simply responding to a demand for attractive donors.” Every parent wants the best for their child, Hodge said, and “attractiveness [is] one of the most sought after attributes.” Hmm, I wonder how many of these highly attractive people also have hereditary diseases?

You might have heard about BeautifulPeople.com earlier this year when they allegedly kicked 5,000 “fatties” off the dating site for gaining weight. Was that for real? Publicity stunt? Does it matter? If the sperm and egg donors on BeautifulPeople.com are anything like the folks who run the site, we’ll stay away from these jerks. [Mashable]