20 Things Guys Never Want To Hear You Say

My mouth is always getting me in trouble. I blurt out, interrupt, speak too loudly, and say all of the things you’re never supposed to say aloud. I used to think honesty really was the best policy, but, after talking to a few of my guy friends, I found out that’s not necessarily the case. After the jump, check out 20 things guys never want to hear you say. I can’t say I agree with all of them, but they’re definitely intriguing. I’m guilty of a few of these myself — oops!

  1. “I know you hate it when I say this, but …”
  2. “I’m pregnant … and it’s not yours.”
  3. “I just want to be honest.”
  4. “Why are you always late? Where have you been?”
  5. “I know you’re lying to me.”
  6. “Don’t forget to call me later.”
  7. “My period is nine days late.”
  8. “You look just like my ex-boyfriend!”
  9. “Let me drive.”
  10. “I have something important to tell you.”
  11. “I need to talk to you.”
  12. “You’re not listening to me.”
  13. “Why don’t you love me?”
  14. “We always watch the shows you want to watch.”
  15. “You’re just not doing it for me.”
  16. “You never do anything I ask of you.”
  17. “You just don’t understand.”
  18. “Does this make me look fat?”
  19. “Was that all?”
  20. “Why can’t you be a man?”