Will Elvira Grau Replace Dina On “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”?

Now that Dina Manzo has come to her senses and run in the other direction from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the show is down a cast member. Any minute now, Bravo will be replacing her. People has floated a few ideas for who could take her place. Perhaps Kim G, Danielle’s new friend, who’s been getting an awful lot of screen time lately for totally indulging Danielle in her crazy. Their other idea—Ashley, Jacqueline’s daughter who is constantly feuding with her mama. But it looks like the new housewife may be Elvira Grau.Elvira has sassy blonde hair, apparently always wears sequins, and is kinda nuts. “I’m the crazy bitch,” she says, describing herself. Elvira is Teresa’s event planner who organized her housewarming party. Last episode, she invited Teresa to her house and the two had the frenemy-tastic exchange above where they pick each other apart and give all sorts of backhanded compliments. Grau has confirmed that she is getting an expanded role on the show, for at least five or six episodes, and that she’ll also be appearing on “Bethenny’s Getting Married.”

So do we think Elvira will steer the show in a more sane direction?

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