Today’s Lady News: NFL Star Lawrence Taylor Indicted In Teen Prostitute Sexual Assault

  • NFL star Lawrence Taylor has been indicted on charges of rape after allegations that he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old prostitute. The former Giants player was arrested on May 6 for allegedly having sex with a teen at a Holiday Inn in New York. If convicted, he faces four years in prison. [USA Today]
  • In other sports-y/rape-y news, pitcher Johan Santana of the New York Mets has been accused of sexual battery for an incident at a For Myers, Florida, golf course in 2009. [Buzzfeed]
  • “The Daily Show” has one female correspondent and will have a grand total of two if Playboy and Maxim cover girl Olivia Munn survives her tryouts. Irin Carmon at Jezebel spoke with comedy writers who’ve been past “TDS” staffers — on-air or in the writing room — about the “boy’s club” atmosphere and why “insecure, broken, needy, neurotic” humor was for men-only. [Jezebel]

  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer intends to sign a bill that will not let johns use the excuse that they didn’t know a child prostitute was not of legal age. Gov. Brewer is set to sign the bill at a safe house for victims of child prostitution. [KPHO]
  • Police in Nashville, Tennessee, dropped thousands of domestic violence cases over the past four years, according to a statistical investigation by The Tennessean. “In 2005, police cleared 211 cases without making an arrest,” the paper said. “One year later, the number jumped to 3,866, and by 2009, it was 5,600.” The paper speculated the police department may have dropped cases to improve their overall appearance of their crime-fighting ability. [The Tennessean]
  • An obstetrics practice with offices in Massachusetts and Rhode Island has been censured for using IUDs (intrauterine contraception) that haven’t been approved by the FDA. Um, ew? []
  • A computer hacker in Santa Ana, California, broke into women and girls’ computers and then blackmailed them into sending him sexually explicit videos so he would keep their personal information private, according to the FBI. Luis Mijangos, 31, allegedly broke into over 100 computers. []
  • The experiences of five former female employees of an Applebee’s restaurant in Bismark, North Dakota, has led the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to sue for sexual harassment. The lawsuit also asked that the company develop a sexual harassment prevention policy. [BusinessWeek]
  • New York State has passed the Dignity For All Students Act, which protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students from bullying and harassment at school. []


  • A man in Pakistan threw acid on his wife’s face on May 27 to “preserve” his “honor” when he suspected she was cheating. She was taken to the burn center at a local hospital, where she is still under treatment. She has lost an eye from the acid attack. []
  • Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick wants her office to have the power to initiate sexual harassment investigations in the workplace. []