Is Danielle Staub Really Having A Lesbian Affair With Lori Michaels?

Chances are, you didn’t bother to watch yesterday’s video of Danielle Staub performing the stalker-tastic song “Real Close” with Lori Michaels on “Watch What Happens Live.” I know I didn’t the first time around. But the last 20 seconds of the clip is actually where things get interesting—”Real Housewife” Danielle implies that she and Lori are doing the deed. Sure, during the performance, she threw her arm around Lori and sang directly into her eyes. But when the two sat down for an interview with Andy Cohen, Danielle took things to another level. Danielle motioned to Lori sit down in the chair and than draped herself across Lori’s lap. When Andy asks, “Now are you two together?” Lori shook her head “no.” But then Danielle cut her off, petting Lori’s hair and saying, “We’re not saying anything besides that we’re together doing the song, real close.”

Seriously, Danielle? Are you the latest to jump on the lesbian-for-publicity bandwagon? I guess it is the natural move since people are concerned about the cast’s safety after her paranoid antics on the last few episodes of the series—a lezzie love affair is the perfect way to shock and simultaneously soften her image. But I can’t believe she is pulling this. The woman is just so transparent. I wanted to crack up when she was wah-wahing two episodes ago about how she’s never going to feel sexy or comfortable around men again after Steve released her sex tape. (Which, uh, most people think she sold herself.) And then had her friends go a pole dance lesson, bringing her new male thug friend with her, and proceeded to wag her tail in his face. Please.

And my rant is over. She is just not worthy of more words.