His & Her Jewelry: Cute Or Sick?

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a long weekend together to get a bit of a vacation and do the tourist thing. While taking a stroll, we stopped at a corny street vendor. I squealed with surprise while browsing a rack of name bracelets—the seller happened to have both of our fairly obscure names. In a cute and slightly jokey move, we bought both of the unisex leather styles. I put the one with his name on my wrist, and him vice-versa. Of course, I show this to my girlfriends and they go, “Awww.” His friends catch him with the accessory, and he gets put through the mill of dude shame. Yet, somehow, we’re both wearing our bracelets, now normal outfit staples.

Do you think getting matchy-matchy jewelry with your guy is too much? (Maybe you’re of the school that prohibits all man jewelry, no matter how masculine?) Or is a cute and kitschy way to express your love? Sound off in the comments below!