Anna Dello Russo’s Front Row Rules For Your Fashion Week Aspirations

If you haven’t added Anna Dello Russo’s blog to your must-reads — after glimpsing her love of lace — then we highly suggest you do so ASAP. The fashion editor and all around style maven has embraced not only the blog world, but also the 140 character habit, and is generously sharing her fashion advice with the world through the Internet. As a regular in the front row, couture wearer, and inducer of major style envy, she’s well versed in the ways of fashion shows, paparazzi, and dressing for the occasion. In one of her latest blog posts, Anna dishes on her top 10 tips for sitting front row at Fashion Week, and even though that day may never come for most of us, there’s no reason you can’t apply them to your day-to-day life. Plus, they’re made even more adorable by her broken English.

  1. You must wear outfit once.
  2. Wear good shoes. Don’t bother with a bag cause when you put it on the floor it could be anyone.
  3. Wear coat as a dress. One-shot is better.
  4. Don’t wear sunglasses, if you not are vip (very very important person). It’s impolite.
  5. Somebody wearing your same outfit? Wonderful, you did the right choice!
  6. Flashy jewels personalize your style.
  7. Nothing succeeds like excess!
  8. Don’t peek into the clipboard of who is sitting next.
  9. Don’t say hello showily and warmly at who is in front of you.
  10. Share your love for the show on Twitter as much you can.

[Anna Dell Russo]